mark and isaac

There are some very beautiful pictures of this sweet father and son on Eden's blog today. 

Isaac is a solid blend of both his beautiful parents but the indisputable legacy from his dad? - his hands! I see his long, long fingers and remember so very clearly Mark's long, long fingers doing the same air ballet. What joy.....

I love them both. So much. Mark - his whole life and Isaac - already. Of course.

Congratulations Mark, Tiffany, and Kayden.  

Eden, thank you once again for sharing your wonderful talent so lovingly. The pictures you take are an incredible archive of the life of our family - such a rare and lovely blessing. You cannot begin to know how I treasure each image. 


Jonathon said...

These pictures do such a great job of capturing the gentle, sweet side of Marky. He's such an awesome guy and an excellent dad. And I agree - Eden's pictures are literally priceless; almost as special as the people the capture.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jonathon! Beautiful job Eden. Congratulations to Mark and Tiffany and welcome to the world baby Kayden ~~ you're a lucky young man!!
love death

Eden Lang said...

Mark and Tiffany are such a beautiful team. its so fun to seem them with their sweet little family:)

(that anonymous comment must have a typo? -"death"? I hope that is a typo.)