Beatles - Love

We saw the Beatles Love show at The Venetian on Saturday night in Vegas and it was.... everything superlative. Seriously awesome. Brilliant. Genius. Absolutely and totally enjoyable. The music, the choreography, the costumes, the dancers, the sets. Of course, one expects superlatives after a Cirque show, but still.... Who thinks of that stuff?! I am still mind boggled days later. lol.



my family saw love like 4 years ago too. It was great. we also saw "O" and well that is an amazing show too if you ever get the chance to see another show.

Cheri said...

Lucky David saw "O" as well as "Mystere" last week - he enjoyed all of the shows, agreed that it is hard to rank the as they are each unique but thinks he liked "Love" the best. I can only say that it was pure enjoyment. :)
I would for sure like to have a chance to compare, lol.