first snow

This morning we woke up to a pretty dusting of fresh snow. When Jane came upstairs for breakfast she looked out the window and exclaimed "Snow!!!" followed immediately by "Do you have hot chocolate?!" - like the one naturally would (or at least should) follow the other - and then she was off downstairs again to share the big news with Theo and her mom. 

In short order Theo arrived upstairs saying "It snow, it snow!!". (Theo's language ability grows daily - and adorably - but is still rather unorthodox.) I agreed, picked him up, and went to the window to take a look. He was puzzled by what he saw and after a moment said "What on it?!" I guess he didn't remember the snow from last season, which gave David and I the happy chance to re-introduce him to the wonder of snow. David took him outside and grabbed a handful of snow that he packed into a ball of sorts and gave to Theo. Theo decided it was .... a rock? Sadly, David confided that it was actually snow whereupon Theo happily brought his snowball inside and held it until it disappeared.

By noon all the snow was gone - for which I think everyone over the age of 6 was grateful. Winter is long enough. And in so many precious ways childhood is far too short.


Eden Lang said...

oh- thats really sweet. And I think Dad is just as cute and Jane and Theo:)

Cheri said...

He absolutely is!