owl costume for aubrie

Eden reminisced last week that her all-time favourite costume was the dinosaur costume I made when she was five. I think that was just about the last big, over-the-top costume making year for me. That was the year that I was pregnant with Mark (our fourth child). Up to that point I had always had a blast planning and making extravagant Halloween costumes for the kids. That year I felt like I was pushing a boulder uphill all the way - way, way too much going on - the result being... after the sewing spree was finally over I became The Scrooge of Halloween. No costumes that required any amount of sewing or purchase were allowed. Miraculously the costume box always revealed enough treasure to disguise the littles and what was lacking there my personal wardrobe and ingenuity supplied. 

This year I appear to have finally recovered from the trauma (a long, long recovery to be sure) and I have found my costume-making mojo again with Aubrie as my muse. Eden suggested an owl mask - an idea too cute to be ignored and my imagination slipped the leash. From one simple concept to another this costume was totally, totally fun to make. Really simple too. I used cheap (I don't use that term loosely - I hate polyester felt but it worked for this application) felt for the top of the wings. The rest of the fabrics are all quilting cottons. The wings have unfinished seams with the raw edges of the cotton contributing to the idea of feathers. The tummy patch on the pinafore is simply made of rough circles with unfinished edges (more feathers) that are overlapped and stitched on. The mask is made from some felted wool sweater fabric I had left from an earlier project and a bit of cotton quilt batting. I sewed elastic loops into the seam near the wrist of the wings so that she can flap her wings as all good owls can.

All in all, I am very pleased with the result. The sad thing? - that Aubrie's beautiful eyes are behind the cute mask. The best thing? - (aside from her pleasure) that the pinafore part of the costume is so cute she will simply wear it daily. Being a grandy is the best job ever!!!

To see some beautiful pictures of Aubrie (and siblings) in costume check out Eden's blog. I love Eden's work. She is incredible!


Erika said...


Jamie said...

That is the CUTEST costume EVER! Well done!

nathaliedelakim said...

Cheri, I have to tell you that I love your blog! great job on the costume! And also, I baked your chocolate cake recipe and used your iced herbal tea recipe for a bridal shower I hosted today and have been getting requests for the recipes:) You were right, that was THE BEST chocolate cake EVER! Thanks for all the inspiration and sending love from the "harkers" to the litchfield clan.

Jonathon said...

This is the cutest owl costume ever. So clever. I love the feather details. And it's so 'you' to make a costume that can multipurpose after Halloween as everyday-wear.
I remember all the awesome costumes you made for us as kids...at least until I was 9! I think the clown or the pumpkin was my favorite. Honestly! Every kid needs a mom like you!

Cheri said...

And every mom needs kids like you!