This is my first born - Jonathon. The list of his amazing qualities is very long. I am not prioritizing but one of the things that really stands out is ... Jonathon really knows how to laugh. He has (quite possibly) the best laugh in the world. No really - he does. It is impossible to feel anything less than happy when you hear him laugh. He laughs readily. Honestly. Openly. Joyfully and often. Never at - sometimes with. It is so perfectly perfect. Everyone joins, tears roll, abs hurt. When you catch your breath, life just feels better. It is one of the (many) things that I love about him.

I was reading about laughter and health. Jonathon should live to be a very healthy old man. I am guessing anyone who has the blessing of living around him will live to a happy old age as well. Did you know that when you laugh your heart rate increases, blood vessels expand, and of course you gulp in tons more oxygen. Then blood flow increases, muscles relax, and blood pressure is better. One study found that people with heart disease are 40% less likely to laugh at things than others!!!  Laughter can help relieve pain and reduce tension. It enhances relationships - putting others at ease, increasing tolerance and reducing irritability. Life is just easier to deal with in ever so many ways. I am left marvelling that all too often there are any of us unwilling to let go and laugh.

I love to hear the people I love laugh and to laugh with them. I wish I could laugh 
with Jonathon more often. But even thinking about that wish I feel my kinks unwind and my spirits lift. What a wonderful quality -  to cultivate, to appreciate.

Let's laugh more. 

photo by Dennis Gocer  - The Collective You


nathaliedelakim said...

I absolutely agree! Jonathon has the MOST amazing laugh, it really is a gift of his;)

nita.armstrong@gmail.com said...

yes. i agree completely. and I love that picture of him - so handsome! wish we all had a little more jon in our lives :)

Life Is Golden said...

I had to leave a comment... and I'm slightly embarrassed that I didn't leave one sooner. You may not remember me, but you pretty much saved my life when it came to a certain dove skirt needed for a musical called The Ark. I'm pretty sure I never vocalized how much that actually meant to me. So thank-you for being so willing to help... Singing and being friends with Johnathon are stored away as some of my fondest memories of being a young adult. He is just as you describe him... one of the very best, and infectiously joyful. I remember randomly running into him at a Calgary mall, and we were so boisterous that we turned heads from all directions.
I just love your blog... it's easily one of my very favourite. I just love your creativity, insight and wisdom... and every recipe looks devine. Thanks for sharing... Regan.

Cheri said...

Regan - I DO remember you! So cool ( and amazing) to hear from you. Thanks for your wonderfully generous comment. It makes my day to know that you enjoy my blog so much.

Cheri said...

Nita and Nat - nice to hear from you! Both of you share the lovely ability to enjoy life. I love to remember you. And yes - we all need more Jonathon in our lives!

Jonathon said...

Who knew that something that makes me feel so good could affect anyone else?!

Everyone is so nice!

Allie said...

since we're lucky enough to live across the hall from this fine, young man, we often hear his hearty laugh echo through the building, or out their open window into ours. makes me smile every time.