"I have outdone myself!!!!" Eden declared - almost dancing with excitement - when she first saw the actual (as opposed to virtual) copy of this most amazing coffee table book. I wish I could share every single one of the 250 beautiful pages in this book that Eden made us for Christmas because she really has. I love it! She searched through two large (2 cubic ft large) boxes of old photos - because yes, that is how I file my old pictures - then scanned each selected photo, and did the layout as only Eden can. She then enlisted Jonathon to do the graphic design portion of the project which included the cover design and quotes from our favourite childhood storybooks, the ones we read over and over - nightly at least. David and I were asked for an essay response to the question of what motherhood/fatherhood means to us - that went in as well. The finished book is a record of the childhoods of our  five children. It is a treasure. Not only because of what it is but because it was a labor of love. In every way. From every angle.

Eden, thank you. You are incredibly talented and I love you. And to the other of the five thank you as well. For the gift of the book and the love. For your unique talents that you share with me so generously. I love you so much.

(I wish I had Eden's skills to show you this book. It is really big and fat and beautiful.)


Jan said...

Eden was so excited to show me the beautiful 5 book,what a treasure. thanks for sharing
love you

ec said...


what a fabulous idea. a treasure for sure ...

my mom stores old photos the same way;)