Just Because

To be truthful, this is just because I am pretty excited about this fun little app that lets you take "photo booth" style pictures. It is almost as much fun as a photo booth and a lot more accessible - if you have an iPhone.

And.... let's face it, Ysa is awfully cute.

Happy New Year. I am looking forward to the fresh start. It will be a good year.

(The app is Photo Booth Classic Plus)


Eden Lang said...

such a fun app. can't wait to try it! and SUCH a cute little baby:) honestly she is so so cute! ok. I am going to smother her with kisses and loves!

ec said...

she is awfully cute. she's got the brightest eyes .... so sweet.

Flora said...

Baby Ysa is adorable. I can't get over how much she resembles Aubrie. Are you the the photographer of the gorgeous photos on your blog?

Cheri said...

Most of the photos are my poor attempts. If it is not something that I have taken, I note it and credit the photographer - usually Eden, of course! That you ask makes me feel good. Thanks, Flora!

Jan said...

that does look like a fun app and of course Ysa is great advertisement. She looks so like you as a baby