Super Flour Sack Towels

A bit of exposure: I have a small fascination with kitchen linens. Not sure why but I really like them. Given the opportunity ( say, whenever I happen to pass some in a store) I have to check them out. I have certain specs that I prefer - linen as the fibre is my top choice, white in color or other basic neutrals, good quality cotton is also on my list, anything that looks handmade or artisanal attracts me -  that is more or less what I like. If I can tick off more than one thing I must admit that I really want it. So I really love these towels that Jonathon did for me (actually for me and about 20 of his friends and siblings) for Christmas. Check the points:
 100% cotton flour sack towelling
 custom screen printing (super cool at that!)
 clever, tongue-in-cheek
 designed by my very clever son
I am sure you follow. I love love them! I mean look at them!

Totally cool, right?

(There are a couple of other designs as well. If you like love them too, you can be happy because they are for sale. Contact Jonathon at jlitchfield@gmail.com)


ec said...

they are so cute!

and i'm totally the same ... handmade or artisanal delights are a weakness for me.

paula said...

what!!! these are fabulous.

lesley [smidgebox] said...

how wonderful are these towels? so fantastic.

i wanted to comment here and say hello. i happened upon your daughter eden's blog from a post on Simply Grove. After spending many hours reading the entire thing, tears rolling down my face, i discovered that I have a tiny connection to your family. i went to highschool with Jonathon, and while i haven't seen him since then, i remember fondly his great smile + quick wit :)
I also saw a link to your blog, and have enjoyed reading through. i will be back as the many lovely recipes are not only beautifully written + photographed, but sound delicious.
My deepest condolences go out to you + your family. I can see that you are all surrounded with love as you experience this new phase of your lives together, no matter how difficult and how different. many many blessings to you and yours.